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  1. Oh… I’m pretty sure I don’t need to loose much weight, but I’m not in good shape, either… so WHAT am I supposed to do about that, Peg! WHAT?! OH WHAT?! THE HUMANITY!!!Sorry, that rant was meant to be even longer, but I totally winded myself with the last bit.

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  3. Ich finde Deinen Wochenrückblick immer sehr inspirierend!Hey, und Kopf hoch, auch die nächste Woche geht zu Ende *ächz* – und dreimal geturnt bei Deinem Pensum finde ich schon echt Pokal-reif!!! Chapeau…Liebe Grüße und eine kurze Woche 😉

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  5. Ik ben ook tegen discriminatie. Maar discriminatie kun je pas effectief bestrijden als het slachtoffer van de discriminatie het zelf als zodanig ervaart. Als jij of ik dat voor een ander gaan bepalen zijn we fout en vrijheidsberovend bezig.Hoe kunnen we nu bepalen of iemand tot iets gedwongen wordt als de persoon zelf dat niet zo ervaart en iedere dwang ontkent?Bovendien hebben we al genoeg wetten waarmee we discriminatie kunnen betrijden.

  6. Yes, I agree with all you´ve mentioned. This seems to refer what Christ told us, that wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction; because the wide and broad ways of this world are what are popular and likable. Whereas the strait and narrow ways which belong to God are not popular nor likable in this world, because to do what is right according to the will of God, and to be unselfish requires us to sacrifice our own will, by denying it, and in this world that is not at all popular for all of the attractions and flatter in this world that entice people.

  7. My mind could so easily be changed on this issue – so easily in fact I do believe if I voted one way or the other I would instantly regret it having given it a further 30 seconds thought!Your regional list vote will have an impact on the Scottish government, I just have to persuade you not to use it to support Scottish Labour (c’mon??? Iain Gray??? srsly???)

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  9. Samaa mäkin ihmettelin, että ei kai ne marjat ja kalanpalat oikeasti lennä? Olisihan se tietty hienoa jos hinta määräytyisi ympäristökuormituksen perusteella (pelkkä hiili ei riitä, ilmasto on vain osa ympäristöä), mutta en usko että elintarvikkeissa sitä päivää tultaisi näkemään. Maatalouspolitiikka pitänee siitä huolen. Jos nyt jonkun vinkin voi antaa, niin eikö kannata äänestää lompakolla ja jättää kanadan-italialaiset karpalot hyllyyn. Eikös niitä kotimaisiakin marjoja löydy?

  10. A very hard one I struggle with sometimes. My daughter is sometimes depressed and overwelmed by what’s going on. i don’t have an answer for her just tell her that it is good to be aware and don’t waste her food. You can only do so much. Creating awareness is one thing so i will refer people to your post.

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  17. 15 days with Peter. He saw no one else except James the Lord's brother."Well, he presumably means for the purpose of discussing theology. He can hardly have stayed a fortnight in Jerusalem and seen only two people. Or was he smuggled in and out by night while Peter brought him his meals?

  18. Hej Smukke Mascha..Jeg skriver lige til dette indlæg , fordi jeg ikke kan finde det andet, jeg ville ha’ skrevet pÃ¥ Men det er angÃ¥ende nogle grÃ¥ strik sutter, du har pÃ¥, pÃ¥ et billede, ville gerne vide hvor de er købt?.. OgsÃ¥ lige en sidste ting , har set dig i to cardigan med angelwing, ville egentlig bare spørge om du ikke ville sælge din grÃ¥?. Hihi Den er ikke til a støve op, og vil sÃ¥ gerne eje den Knus Sabine.

  19. I like the ideas! sounds fun, a house warming event will really do as I was just planning a short distance move , but for me who is in the middle of settling a lot of things, I would actually prefer the traditional way, cards/e-cards, and pizza and nachos on table while having a bit of conversation, but as of now that I am still not yet decided to actually move next month I might not just break any news about it yet

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  21. Bonjour Sara. C’est vrai que ton blog est très beau, très inspirant. J’aime les photos aussi soignées que ton look et le ton patient et amical avec lequel tu réponds aux coquettes. Je ne serais pas étonnée qu’un de ces jours tu sois repérée pour publier un livre ou animer une émission. Merci.

  22. Harika bir yazı olmuÅŸ, keyifle okudum :)Bir projenin en önemli kısmının tasarım olduÄŸuna inanıyorum ve tasarımcıyım diyen pek çok kiÅŸinin bunların dörtte birinden bile haberdar olmadığını düşünerek biraz da hayıflanıyorum 🙁

  23. Amy, I know a lot of schools don't allow nut products… I am SO thankful our school hasn't gone that far (yet). There is a "peanut free" table in the cafeteria, but that's it. The lunch line even offers the packaged pb&j sandwiches as a substitute for whatever the main entree is that day on the lunch menu.There are times my kids attend places that do not allow nuts, such as our local drop-in childcare centers and the gym childcare rooms… in those cases I'll substitute sunflower butter for the peanut butter when needed.

  24. mais les nobles de l opposition basées a paris n ont jamais critiquer les sans culottes( le terme correspond bien a nos jihadistes ) la responsabilité de la destruction est partage entre les deux camps et la justice tranchera plus tard ,accepter cette idée peut ouvrir le chemin pour la conciliation nationale ;seul chemin pour finir avec cette guerre

  25. the classic storyline of over-sexualized youth losing its innocence, the narrative born during the sexual revolution of the 1960sYeah, right. I think the storyline is a bit more classic than that, actually. Think ancient Greece. Think Mesopotamia. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were established that human language arose out of the basic needs to 1) tell others about food,2) warn others about dangers, and3) complain about the youngsters getting it on all the time, they have no restraints anymore, it’s disgusting actually and things were so much better when we were young ourselves…

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  29. For electronic voting, there are so many younger people now, and we always have kids at home to help. Also, just give a quick paragraph on top of voting form. At the very worst, members who cannot do it can talk to a shop steward or Business Agent and get a form to mail in (while removing their electronic ballot to prevent double votes.)

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  36. to him, not realizing at first how ridiculous it was, “Could you please somehow fall slower?” hahahaha Like Holden could somehow halt gravity and make his body slowly float down!! Holden joked about that for a long time. “I know, Billy, I know – you want me to fall slower …”Look for my big piece on Holden on House Next Door next week – I’ve been working really hard on it!!

  37. RE: -Exactly KaryThat’s how my friend’s mom got her over-payment of property tax [5 years worth and several thousands of dollars in cash too] in Snohomish County approved, without a hearing….she essentially hired her own appraiser who more accurately included the low listings in with the high….something we all may be very able to do. – Rate this comment: 0  0

  38. The bread does look appealing. Looks like they dusted it and then lightly cut the top before the second rising- worth experimenting. Sometimes we plait bread, tucking the messing ends underneath.I agree with you about fast food, it is similar here in Australia with over half the adults now overweight or obese and many children also.

  39. Oh. I had that happen. In my case, it was my ex-husband who decided to google my email address (how did he find IT by the way). I hadn’t talked to him since the day he dumped all of my clothing into the gutter after the court ordered he return it.I totally understand the skeeved out factor.

  40. These twenty-somethings don’t just ‘wake up’ like this one day, as if by random act of some meteor shower. I’d say some mother (and father) raised them– or perhaps by lack of raising–contributed to their sad state, at least. We can’t go & upset the lawn chair & beer can extravaganza going on in America’s garages, but if we have sons….we can try to raise them with God’s help to aspire a bit higher than the next video game level or other empty pursuit…

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  44. Eh, I opted out of Behavioral Health class my freshman year because I felt I would have learned absolutely nothing I didn’t already know. But it’s valuable to someone who doesn’t know about it. Still, we should probably still have it be optional. Personally, I think parents should teach their kids about that stuff. It’s kind of an intimate thing to learn about.

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  71. Sandra nevner ingenting om at hun har noe imot anonymitet, men derimot personangrepene og alt folk tillater seg av oppførsel under dens dekke. Ideelt skulle jo anonymiteten være bra, da det tar fokus fra HVEM som sier noe, og kvaliteten på HVA som ble sagt kunne fått være i sentrum. Det hadde latt seg gjøre om folkeskikk, æresfølelse og respekt fortsatt var grunnmuren også i identitetsløse innlegg. Utopi? Nei. Realistisk? Nei , men likevel: Ikke umulig!

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  73. Love the sofa!! Of course my eye goes right to that cool iron scrolly thing, because it's hung upside down–and too low. If she'd flip it and hang it higher and put some plates or framed things below it that sofa would be the starIt deserves to be. PS -I KNOW this is a picky post…

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